Salmon Idaho

Hello Sheriff Bowerman!

Please pass my husband and I ‘s heartfelt appreciation to all who rallied to help us during our possible in flight problem while flying our bonanza in the Salmon area last Saturday. We were at 15,000’ in the clouds when our manifold pressure dropped. The potential for complete disaster was great. My husband declared an emergency and asked for the nearest airport for landing. Salmon was 37 miles away. Our problem stabilized during our decent, and we were able to make a safe landing. Needless to say, we very much appreciated the incredible team of fire fighters and paramedics there at the airport in case we were not able to make a safe landing. We both were very appreciative, but felt like we did not properly extend our thanks at the time. Personally, I was just trying to control my emotions of relief and felt if I opened my mouth at all, I would cry.

Please extend our huge appreciation to all of the emergency crew, I heard one person was about to go for a float down the river and aborted to come to the airport. If you also have email for Vicky at McCall Air and Lenny who made our repairs, please pass our thanks on to them.

We safely flew home to the Seattle area on Sunday. We have very fond memories or our time in Salmon, the response crew, the Stagecoach Inn and the Shady Nook for a fabulous dinner! We talked about coming back to stay in Salmon and float the river sometime soon!

You Protect a Great town!!

Our Sincere Appreciation,

Jeff and Kara Wiper


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